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3 Ways Geo-Location Can Help Business

HERE Mapping Resources location intelligenceWith the changing trends, using location intelligence is becoming increasingly popular among businesses. Location-based marketing helps firms to convert the physical and online traffic into paying customers. By using geo-location intelligence, companies can persuade the potential targeted customers to try out their business. Once the customers are aware of a business, there are many ways in which customers can be tempted to convert to repeat customer.

The following are three significant ways in which geo-location can help a business grow and expand.

Improves the Search Engine Ranking

Location-based services are often ranked higher in the search engine rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo search page results. By adding a business on different location-based services platforms such as Google My Business, Facebook Places, and Yelp, it is more likely to appear higher up in the search engine rankings when someone searches the relevant keywords.

Creates Location-Based Content and Marketing Campaigns

There are multiple ways in which the location-based customized content helps to drive online traffic to a business. For instance, taking advantage of the local weather forecasting. One of the local drug companies attained the highest level of brand loyalty among its competitors in allergy medicine because they emailed a daily outlook of pollen-level and other allergy-related information based on customers locations in their email database. Other businesses can also take advantage of this localized approach towards advertising. The location history of an audience can be used to build a profile which then allows for targeted ads based on specific demographics.

Attracts Lots of New Customers

By combining location intelligence with social media advertising, businesses can attract a large group of potential customers. Creating engaging content and targeting prospects on platforms where they frequent, puts brands in front of their target audience, thus raising awareness.

Through location-based marketing, it becomes easier to remove the barriers that hinder sales. Once prospects of the target audience becomes aware of a business, there are far better opportunities to attract them to buy or make a purchase.

With the use of location intelligence, businesses can increase online traffic, develop engaging and more relevant marketing campaigns, raise the awareness of their brand, and convert prospects to become paying and loyal customers.

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