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Augmented Reality for Business Application using HERE Data Lens

HERE Mapping Resources augmented realityAugmented Reality is a live & direct view of physical and real world whose elements are augmented by digital computer generated sensors of sound, video & GPS data. HERE is a company that provides mapping data & related services to individuals & companies. HERE has its own locational applications such as HERE City & Data lens.

Data Lens is a powerful online data visualization tool that allows you to view geographical data laid out on HERE’s industry-leading maps, and interact with the results dynamically in your web browser. HERE Data Lens distinguishes and separates the important information to empower clients to examine and recognize patterns, examples and changes in their information. Pictures, such as maps showing movement by area, allow people to envision and translate the variety, examples and patterns contained within the information. HERE Data Lens takes into consideration dynamic information sets, as well as questions and collections that occur.

HERE City Lens app is an example of data lens for augmented reality. It is the Nokia exclusive app that use augmented reality to show users points of interest around them. HERE City Lens is an entirely new way of seeing what’s around you. All we have to do is simply hold up the phone as though taking a photo and HERE City Lens shows the desired destination of interest right on screen.  It uses a live feed of the camera’s viewfinder and POIs on top of what we are seeing through it, thus letting you know what is where. HERE City Lens when downloaded in the smart phones or other such gadgets proves to be very useful because it have various categories like shopping places, restaurants, shops, resorts, and so on where one may wish to travel. It is especially useful to all who are new in any area and have no one to guide them, thus launch the HERE City Lens application to find the exact location of the desired location simply by rotating the phone..

HERE City lens location platform for Business

In today’s business world, it is a rich set of tools that allow businesses to easily mix location into their applications. Direction of travel for augmented reality is of foremost importance. HERE offers flexibility and support for today’s companies that demand innovative location intelligence. The basics of HERE Data Lens for augmented reality, and other location-based apps for business, is the ability to track the area route of its customers.  Know with certainty where your customer are.


Nokia’s newly released Live Sight was accessible on the Here City Lens application — a Lumia-selective application that uses Nokia’s mapping information to give an overlay of key sights inside the edge of the gadget’s focal point. The application, joined with Here maps, gives individuals a chance to see which course they’re confronting by tapping the Live Sight symbol in HERE Maps and panning around to uncover the area of things like shops and restaurants.