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Benefits of Location-Based Services

HERE Mapping Resources location based apiThe use of mobile devices is not just limited to texting and voice communication. People use their mobile devices to monitor the weather, travel via GPS, and pay for products via mobile banking, just to name a few. Smartphones allow users the luxury of staying connected anyway.

Location-based mobile networking allows users to interact with their social networks, their family, friends and business partners while they are on the move. While there are many benefits for smartphone users, businesses can also benefit.

•    Allows real-time communication: This has made it possible for the businesses to stay connected with their customers as well as potential customers. Based on the location, businesses can send them special discount coupon codes and promotional messages to use in-stores or online. By using location-based services, customers can also share their experience of shopping immediately after they leave the store or service by leaving a review.

•    Helps in publicizing business locale: When companies sign up or register their address in location-based services, their addresses get listed with mapping services such as Google Maps or Places, thus enabling consumers to know the location and how to reach your business.

•    Customers can share experiences: Through location-based services, the customers can leave their reviews about the different businesses with their family, friends and even with strangers who are in search of reviews about a particular business. This service helps the customers to find a good local business where other customers may be dining, shopping, having a drink or availing any other services. These activities give a boost to the reputation of the company and attract more potential clients.

•    Offer a reward to customers: Some businesses provide unique rewards to their clients who use location-based services to share their experience with their family, friends and social networks,  in the form of cash discounts, coupon codes or cash back. These rewards help businesses to gain loyalty and increase retention of customers. Exclusive contests can also be held for the customers who use location-based services to promote the business.

•    Monitoring customer’s behavior: Location based services is a good way to monitor the behavior of customers. The comments of the customers about their experience with a businesses allow them to know what people are thinking about their services or products and how they can further improve, to provide a better experience to the customers.

If your business can benefit from location-based consumer data, contact HERE Mapping Resources to learn how we can take your business to the mobile world.