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Better Mapping Disrupting the Florist Industry

HERE mapping resources better mappingHERE mapping is empowering flower retailers with better mapping to improve their delivery and distribution systems. HERE mapping is competing with its exceptional routing based on traffic predictability and real-time traffic. Utilizing a mapping system of this level would be a great marketing strategy for the florists to outperform their competitors.

The traditional delivery system network is comprised of nuisance factors for local florist shops:  deliveries eat up profits,  online orders are often for products unavailable locally, and manual order scheduling does not give customers access to order status.   Some of these problems for florists lead to unsatisfied customers.

HERE mapping saw this as an opportunity and came forward with an original plan that enables the florists to efficiently deliver the orders on time with the conducive platform to keep in touch with the customers. It provides the florists with the all-important location-based data through the mapping that they need to optimize their delivery system.

As mentioned earlier, the traditional delivery network providers used to promote pictures of flower arrangements that local flower shops were not able to create. But the HERE mapping resources allows the florists to share only those photographs of flower arrangements on social media and websites that are present in their coolers, or they can proficiently design according to the customer’s wishes.

Facilitating the florists with the right product assembly and marketing is what HERE mapping is offering, but delivering the product to the client is the more important part. Since Google also limits some waypoints, which doesn’t go in favor of the florists, HERE mapping emerged as a reliable partner and came up with its own highly accurate mapping and routing resources to map the ways for optimal delivery of goods. HERE mapping applies it’s real-time traffic solution to have the driver’s route a traffic-free way to the delivery destination. With this, the HERE mapping is offering a great deal because no customer tolerates a late delivery on special days and occasions. Florists are allowed to restrict the delivery zones.

HERE mapping is making a great difference in recreating the delivery network system for the florists and disrupting the conventional one. From updating the newest geographical changes to guiding the addresses to the delivery drivers, it is capable of taking care of everything for the florists now.  Flowers shops already using the HERE mapping have reported a 20% increase in their profits.

If you are interested in learning how you can benefit from better mapping for your industry using HERE mapping, schedule a free demo today.