Business Mapping Solutions: Parcel Boundaries

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Are you seeking to get a better idea of the areas in which you are trying to do business or the communities where you are looking to open your business? A parcel boundary mapping system is the perfect way to visualize the neighborhoods and communities in which you are investigating opportunities.

The Benefits of Parcel Boundaries

Using parcel boundaries, you can identify property locations and spatial analysis, as well as determine the risks of flooding or other hazards to properly vet the costs of insurance. Parcel boundaries allow you to geo-fence when service vehicles are on-site, and determine which customers are in the area where location-based messaging is available. These up-to-date maps also provide the availability to judge the damage done by large-scale weather events like hurricanes, flooding, or fires.

What Content is Included?

There is a list of property information. The available data for every property includes:

  • how many units are at an address
  • if there are rental properties on-site
  • the mailing address versus the street address
  • the city, state, and zip code

The majority of the content is from the U. S. Census Bureau, as well as, the local tax assessor’s offices. Since some counties are more prohibitive with the information they choose to share those counties are without the parcel boundary polygons. In these areas, the Centroid, or center of the parcel, is used as an adequate location.

Features of Parcel Boundaries

Parcel boundaries are best defined by the information they deliver based on the most accurate figures from the U.S. Census Bureau and the local tax assessor’s office. This data will provide all you need as it pertains to demographic make-up and tax base of an area. This information includes a wide variety of information on the properties that make up the boundary as well as a full list of the addresses that make up your outlined area. This information is updated quarterly.

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Business Mapping Solutions: Improve Industrial Sales

HERE Mapping Resources business mapping solutions

Maps have long been used to help businesses thrive. Accurate business mapping can help tell a lot about your current and potential customers. With the power of digital maps, we have been able to effectively translate data into meaningful information that guides business decisions. These maps can be updated with little work and are pinpoint accurate.

Big data in spreadsheets and databases are hard to decipher, especially when you try to compare or integrate the information from multiple sources. High-quality maps can take big data and give it new meaning. By interpreting maps, you can see the potential of your company and sales.

Uses For Business Mapping

Maps are used for many purposes in just about any business. Here are some of the ways industrial sales have used it.

Sales Territory Plotting

Businesses take maps to plot potential sales territories. This plotting allows everyone from sales teams to directors to see sales stats visually. Sales territories visually come to life showing inaccurate assumptions and identifying more profitable areas. They can analyze how sales are conducted in each area and create strategies to promote change.

Market Analysis Plotting

Using the information about sales, you can overlay various factors on the maps along with sales to analyze the population versus sales. This collected information can then help you to predict the best places to look for additional revenue.

Strategic Plotting

Most business comes down to strategy. You can use the maps to produce plans for your business. Have you considered moving into a new market or area? Data can be overlayed over a map to quickly assess viability of an area. You can also analyze the success of existing strategies using your map. This analysis goes far toward helping you decide whether to maintain your strategy or not.

Distribution Plotting

Storing product in each area is an art of its own. You can use the maps to show which regions are selling which products. From there, you can determine the best place to warehouse each item. This placement planning will reduce shipping and issues with limited stock.

Many Companies Are Already Using Mapping

Companies around the world are already using business mapping. If your competition is already using business mapping, they already have a leg up. By using maps, you can use every asset possible to increase your business.

When deciding to use business mapping software, it is essential to pick the right platform. Numerous platforms exist, but they come with a variety of quality and features. The right software will set you up for success.

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How to Boost Sales Using Business Mapping

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Business Applications help you take your business’ location to a whole new level. Business mapping allows you to add a visual element to your sales plan.

See Your Sales Territory

When analyzing your sales territory, it is essential that you identify regions that are underserved. Most mapping software will allow you to create color-coded maps showing where different sales and activities take place. You can look at where you are increasing marketing efforts and how those efforts are paying off. You may also see an area without your marketing presence that would benefit from the additional effort.

You can use the visual data provided by the maps to create realistic sales territories for your team. Most companies rely on zip codes, county or state lines, or city names to determine where sales territories exist. In the real world, these distinctions are often arbitrary and don’t work all that well. Boundaries like highways, rivers, or parts of town can impact more efficient and productive sales territories.

Step Up The Competition

Just as you can analyze your business efforts and results, business mapping also allows you to analyze the work of your competitor. You can see areas of increased energy and determine if you need to improve your presence or potentially back off. You might also see where your overlap with competitors versus where you are the primary provider. Any time you can visually see what your competition is doing, the more likely you are to make better decisions moving forward.

Save Time

There is nothing worse than wasting time on deliveries, supply runs, client visits, or other logistical tasks. Using business maps helps you make better, more efficient plans. Map data can ensure that employees are using time productively.

Examining maps might determine new ways to delegate work. For example, you might see a new part of town with tons of interest for your product or service. This new part of the city is en route to where you are already making deliveries. Mapping data might lead to more productive job descriptions. Perhaps delivery personnel can also drop off marketing materials or even provide quotes while en route for their regular deliveries.

Of course, every business is unique and can benefit from business mapping in different ways. Contact HERE Mapping Resources today to set up a free consultation and demo to determine how your business can boost sales, save time, and make better decisions via business mapping.

Top Benefits for Businesses Using Maps

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Map apps are becoming favorites for both customers and businesses. Realizing this fact, Google has spent additional time refining Google Maps – more than any of their other apps. The days of only using maps for directions are long gone; map apps help users find things to do, exciting landmarks, and local businesses. Businesses are missing out if they aren’t utilizing maps in their marketing plans.

Make Your Business Easier To Find

While the physical location of your business is essential to customers, knowing your business even exists is critical. Your customers might search by your company’s name or by manually entering your address into their map app. If they already know your business, you’re doing something right!

What about people who may not know about your company? More people are using mobile apps to find particular kinds of businesses near them. For example, someone might search for “restaurants” or “bookstores.” If your business isn’t utilizing maps, customers won’t find you and will spend their money somewhere else.

Using maps will also help your business be found in regular Google searches. Proximity-based searches are popular, but we haven’t stopped using the search bar. Taking advantage of maps will help your business’ ranking, helping it appear closer to the top of search results.

Increase Word of Mouth

Nothing beats positive customer reviews to bolster sales. Potential customers love seeing true testimonies from other real people. When a maps application pulls up your business, it also gives users access to your reviews.

Of course, getting reviews of your business from happy customers can be difficult. People don’t often need prodding to complain. Make an effort to get your customers to share their positive reviews. Reviews can also help your business appear higher in general searches.

Additionally, by being proactive in garnering positive reviews, your business may be insulated when negative reviews naturally happen. It’s psychologically more natural for people to discount negative reviews when a company has so many positive ones.


As a business owner, you want to make it as easy for people to find your shop as possible. Whether they are using their phones to find the nearest place to spend money or simply researching options in the area, you need to be seen. Using maps helps your brand raise awareness of your physical location as well as your placement in Google searches.

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