Mapping Rural Towns Improves the Lives of Residents

HERE Mapping Resources mappingA rural area of any country is an open swath of land with low population levels and often poor infrastructure.  Technology is sometimes scarce or more expensive than urban areas due to the distance between people.

HERE solves these issues. HERE is the world’s leading map and location service platform provider, with the most accurate, up-to-date data and location maps. HERE is the cloud-based online application that is designed on the firm foundation of global map content.

In rural areas, the roads outside the small towns and villages are often not well-constructed and due to this few people travel or use the roadway. HERE mapping software has made the lives of these people easier by adding these roads to their map, and providing assistance and guidance whenever required. HERE maps that appear on a computer screen look more like maps printed in books.  In the past few years, the maps even have the same enhancements and features as the printed maps to make them more “user-friendly” which travelers can appreciate. HERE mapping data is gathered from a variety of sources and is linked to address data through multiple methods.  This multi-source gathering corrects missing data from one source or input that is being updated from another source.

HERE mapping data is a wide-ranging portfolio of automotive mapping data for professionally locating, optimizing, routing and analyzing mobile and other fixed assets. Many local companies in rural areas use this data for a variety of functions such as fleet management, transport and logistics optimization, customer care service and business effectiveness, and much more.

With customers spread out over a wide rural area, businesses rely on HERE map data for supply chain locations, traffic, weather, and economic activity to satisfy customer demands.  The information provided by HERE is fresh, perfect, consistent, and reliable depending on quarterly, semi-annual and annually options for users.

HERE vehicles are equipped with the modern and latest cameras and sensors. They don’t drive through some small areas often enough to collect the essential data. What is most needed is the local updates, that are received and then distributed again in an organized way.

Therefore, HERE map data have made the lives of rural residents and travelers very easy and smooth.

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How Mapping Can Improve Fleet Management

HERE Mapping Resources fleet management

Dealing with commercial vehicle fleet management is growing more challenging. Fleet managers struggle with unstable fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, driver performance and safety, all while being overwhelmed with more regulations. In the meantime, new technology and increasing demand for time-sensitive distributions are forcing fleet managers to up their game.

Success may be with fleet route planning and correct route planning software by HERE.

1.  Route Planning Stops Traffic Delays

Many fleet managers use an outdated algorithm. The problem of estimating how much traffic is on each route is long-standing.  Freeways were developed to divert local street traffic and improve travel time.  Researchers from the Chicago Area Transportation Study (CATS) developed the Bellman–Ford–Moore algorithm for finding shortest paths on networks.  However, the issue the diversion approach didn’t handle was the feedback from the quantity of traffic on links and routes. If a lot of vehicles try to use a road, the road becomes congested and travel time increases.

Cloud technology and GPS positioning by HERE allow fleet managers to view in real-time vehicle locations and traffic conditions. This information prevents delays by routing drivers around traffic problems and selecting the most efficient route for the current traffic conditions. Even during rush hour, drivers can quickly get to their destination at the designated time.

2.  Improve Customer Satisfaction

With such a fast-paced economy, people with busy schedules don’t like to have to spend their time waiting for a service professional to arrive. Without precise route planning, drivers can’t give accurate arrival times.  Using HERE route planning and fleet management software will allow providing customers with more accurate arrival times. This information will enhance customer satisfaction.

3.  Save Money on Fuel

Fuel is one of the most significant expenses, but planning routes efficiently will help lower fuel costs. Planning routes ensure that the drivers are spending less time on the roads, and shortened driving time reduces fuel expenses. Likewise, when traffic is substantial,  a vehicle can burn more fuel by idling in stalled traffic.  Taking the straight route is usually the most fuel-efficient option, and route planning by HERE automatically ensures this.

4.  Improve Safety for Drivers and Fleet

The more time drivers spend on the road, the higher the risk of an accident. Drivers routed through heavy traffic, or problematic construction zones are shown to be more anxious. Planning the routes by HERE mapping avoids these situations making the drivers less stressed and improves the overall protection of the fleet.

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Mapping Helps Insurers Manage Risk

HERE Mapping Resources here mappingAccurate mapping has perhaps the most significant impact on the insurance industry.  It not only helps insurers predict and spot high-risk areas but can also save them from fraudulent transactions. This fact has been highlighted in the instances of recent natural catastrophes due to climatic changes. The need for professional mapping services like HERE mapping has never been felt more. HERE mapping is a well-known service and global technology that companies like Pitney Bowes are utilizing as its mapping service to facilitate insurers manage the various risks associated with travel, natural disasters, and climate change.

Components for HERE Mapping

HERE mapping provides superior quality mapping data that helps customers utilize the geo enrichment products to assess different disastrous events like floods or landslides.  The products use the data from HERE company to estimate and manage risks. This data includes:

  • Roadway information
  • Point addresses
  • Places
  • Political boundaries
  • Administrative boundaries

How HERE Mapping Helps Manage Insurance Risk

HERE Mapping provides global mapping content and data to companies all across the world. Comprehensive mapping allows clients access to the demographic data of interests. They can spot high-risk areas and allocate insurance agents accordingly.

Since the mapping data highlights areas that have a history of natural disaster, insurers can scale the damage in case of an emergency.

Mapping plays an essential role in managing different risks whether they are due to population shift or a result of variation in climate. Insurance is a data-driven industry and mapping has just bridged the gap between risk areas and proper insurance coverage. It also equips the companies with tools that help them understand ways to spot fraud and prevent unnecessary complications.

Services from Mapping Companies

The robust set of platform services from HERE enable the customers to manage.

  • Key routing
  • Mapping
  • Geofencing
  • Navigational functionality

Mapping companies like HERE use aerial imagery and spatial data to provide accurate data to model designs that mitigate risks. They use regression analysis techniques to create spatial data. It helps them to pinpoint the hot spots where catastrophic events occurred in the past. Due to advancement in technology, these mapping companies assess the details of the devastated landscapes and estimate the extent of damage zone.

HERE Mapping Company specializes in identifying areas of interest and focus on those areas to provide required data accurately to customers who need accurate assessment in emergency situations.

To learn how your business can benefit from utilizing HERE mapping content, request a demo today from HERE Mapping Resources.

4 Step Process to a Self-Healing Map

HERE Mapping Resource location data solutionThe latest research in Highly Automated Driving (HAD) has resulted in the introduction of autonomous vehicles without human drivers. These cars will make use of the innovative HD Live self-healing mapping technology to provide location data solution.

The name HD Live map has two significant elements in it. The HD signifies that mapping is highly precise, much more accurate, as well as more detailed than current mapping. The Live portion means that it is a live system that updates itself in the near-real time. These two components have combined to provide highly advanced, precise and present real-time location data solution based on self-healing map technology.

The advanced technology of self-healing maps enables autonomous vehicle driving through its quick and reliable system. It provides vehicles with up-to-date and trustworthy data which is highly critical for making safe and proactive driving judgments.

The self-healing process of these highly sensitive HD Live maps comprises four stages:

Observation or data collection. The intelligent vehicles equipped with super sensitive sensors like radars and cameras grab the data while driving on the roads and transmit to the HERE cloud database. This collected data includes even the minute details such as barriers, lane closures, road signs, etc.

Aggregation or fusion of data. There are many types of vehicles that have sensors at various places that travel on multiple paths on the road. They perceive and gather information differently. This process results in creating a multitude of observations with slight changes. The machine learning technology of HERE collects these observations and combines them to give one precise feature.

Creating intelligent updates. The highly sophisticated algorithms used in location data solution takes into account different variables like numerous input sources for creating innovative features and for updating the HD live maps.

Publishing or updating the users. Once the latest feature makes its way to the HD Live Map data, it is issued to all the nearby related vehicles in real-time.

This dissemination of information results in providing the autonomous vehicles with the most advanced and reliable set of location data solutions necessary for making autonomous driving safe and efficient. It enables the cars to make correct driving decisions ensuring the safety of the passengers and products it is transporting. The technology stays accurate and trustworthy on a global scale due to its cloud integration backup.

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