Location Intelligence Enhances Business Insights

HERE Mapping Resources location intelligenceBig data has been playing a significant role in improving business in nearly every industry. It is everywhere, and the amount of produced data is increasing day by day. One of the essential components of data collection is location data and the ways to leverage it is location intelligence.

What is meant by location intelligence?

Location Intelligence is the outcome of the raw data that is created through a smartphone, online platforms, roaming data, applications, GPS and the latest ‘internet of things’. It gives insights and helps in developing actionable strategies.

No doubt, location intelligence is proving a necessary asset for the companies who are looking for the competitive edge in their respective industry. By leveraging location data, the organizations can make better decisions, optimize their operations and improve their overall performance.

How location intelligence is benefitting various sectors

Marketing and sales: The use of location intelligence in marketing and sales help businesses to have a more comprehensive picture of their customers. It helps gives an in-depth understanding of their customers, their behaviors and habits. This information enables an unprecedented level of accuracy of their target audience giving a higher conversion rate, a reduction in costs and helps save money.

Selection of site: Through location intelligence, businesses can choose the perfect place to open their business. It helps by identification of area demographics, population size, transport accessibility, available public services and forecasting about the future developments in the area.

Logistics and supply chain: The field of transport planning, the use of location data not just help in designing the optimum route for the supply chains but also in analyzing the risks that could disrupt deliveries. Through monitoring of location data, it is possible to avoid potential problems that occur in routes such as traffic jams, roadworks, accidents, etc.

Retail business: By assessing the departmental store or shop performance, it is possible to understand the behavior of customers and the products to which they are drawn. It helps in improving the sales and marketing strategy to boost sales. Even better is the use of the application on smartphones to detect potential customers in particular areas and send them personalized text and email messages about their favorite products.

Government and health departments: The use of location intelligence is not limited to the private sector. The government entities and departments can also take advantage of it to improve the state of towns, cities, and citizens as a whole.

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Opportunities In Location Intelligence

HERE Mapping Resources location intelligenceNowadays, Location-Based Services are becoming a big part of everyday lives with nearly half of the global population using the internet today. Location is considered as one of the most prominent features in the online media broadcasting, advertising, and mobile apps industries. Businesses are providing customized services based on consumer’s online behaviors, and this behavior helps to provide more relevant services located around consumers.

Based on predictive models aided by location intelligence, location is used widely by advertisers in targeting relevant ads to consumers. Now, it’s possible for the advertisers to measure the impact of their targeted ads. The business models of location intelligence are playing a significant role in bringing together the new dimension of big data analytics, automation, Internet of Things, machine learning and geospatial industry. The Geospatial industry is the definitive way to drive the money using Location intelligence.

Location intelligence is not just about a map of dots but a full-fledged analytical system. The geographic information systems are specialized to store and manipulate spatial data in various ways.

In the Business Intelligence world, business metrics on maps help in converging location with business intelligence. Similar to other types of visualization, maps work in the same way for bringing useful data of users and identification of the critical trends and issues presented in various dashboards as well as reports. Location intelligence experts are trying to define the business ecosystem that has interconnected economic influences on the economic climate, culture, education, lifestyle, cost of living, labor, crime, and healthcare. Platforms of location intelligence are encapsulating the latest technologies to analyze relevant data sources and use it to power a data-driven product or provide it as data-as-a-service.

Location intelligence works in a far better way as compared to geographic displays because the spatial models of location intelligence connect data on a three-dimensional surface. For example, Business Intelligence users can use maps to analyze demographics of clientele, who are shopping in a store, based on the buying habits. They can get an idea if the buying habits of consumers have changed with the passage of time.

The retailers can analyze in-store customer shopping behavior by using RFID, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons paired with a mobile loyalty app. It’s a great way of optimizing store inventory or layout of the store. Ordering and management of queues for customer’s services can be improved to a greater extent with location data analysis technique.

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Do Evening Deliveries Make Better Business?

HERE Mapping Resources mapping resources

For the most part, the deliveries and transportation sector is stuck in a nine-to-five routine that matches up with other industries. However, is that the best approach? Instead, evening and night-time deliveries may make much more sense for your business. By using mapping resources and looking at the unique circumstances of your company, evening deliveries could help you ramp up productivity. Here are some of the reasons why this approach may make sense for your business.

First things first, if you work in the deliveries industry, then you’ll know just how vital it is to get packages to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. A lot of time, people will be out of their homes during the daytime, meaning you’re unable to make a successful delivery. If you find this happens to you frequently, then you might want to consider switching things up to an evening delivery model. That way, you can be sure that your customers will be home from work and able to take in the package, instead of your delivery drivers having to take a significant proportion of packets back to the warehouse.

More flexible working hours can also be a real help to your delivery drivers, too. While daytime hours might suit some, they are not always the most convenient option for employees. They may be working another job simultaneously, and this can put a real strain on the number of hours they can put in. On the other hand, if they are given the option of choosing evening hours, then you may well find you can get a lot more out of your employees. By making the entire supply chain a lot more flexible, everyone can be sure of a service that suits their lifestyle, whether they are the person ordering the delivery, or the one making it.

Finally, evening deliveries don’t just make things easier for individuals- they could be beneficial for the whole infrastructure chain. Roads get extremely busy during the daytime, and making deliveries at this time just adds to the problem. On the other hand, evening deliveries take some of the pressure off these roads. Commuters will be able to get to and from work without having the roads clogged up by additional vehicles, and come evening; you’ll find that you can reach your destination much quicker. It could even lower pollution levels by limiting the number of emissions released into the air at any one time- so evening deliveries could wind up being the future of the whole industry.

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Mapping And Eco-Tourism Destinations Around The US

HERE Mapping Resources mapping Vacationing and jaunting around the world is fun.  Well over 1 million people travel every year.  They use planes, trains, and automobiles to get around.  But this vacation has come at a price, and not just the hit it takes on the wallet.  It has cost us natural areas and damaged our environment.  The idea of ecotourism is all about traveling while not harming the world.

When mapping out your next road trip, let’s take a look at some of the places ecotourism can take you.

Earthship Rentals

In a desert town in New Mexico, you will find Earthship Rentals, known for being a place for the eco-friendly.  The Earthship rentals themselves are a collection of eco-friendly buildings that you can rent out.  A lot of thought has gone into designing them, and just as much work went into making them.  Created in the 1970’s, this destination has been in place since before eco-tourism was popular.

All of the buildings at the rental facility have recycled materials used in the construction, and a portion of the food onsite is grown there.  While all of the modern amenities of a rental are available, the view and Taos are enough to entertain you and capture your imagination.

Nurture Through Nature

Near the Maine town of Denmark, you will find the Nurture Through Nature retreat.  It is the first of its kind in Maine to be certified green.  You will discover that the wilderness region of Maine’s Lakes and Mountains is the perfect place to go on a vacation or to get away and get work done without distraction.  In 1999 they opened their doors and are available to individuals and large groups.

There are plenty of things to do at Nurture Through Nature from exploring the wilderness to relaxing and healing.  Nurture Through Nature is more than just a retreat, it is a guiding light in Maine’s effort to preserve their ecosystem while still encouraging tourists to do business.

Omega Institute

If healing and learning about the world is something that you are interested in, the Omega Institute is an eco-tourism destination for you.  Located in Rhinebeck, New York it is a beautiful place to visit less than two hours from NYC.  Omega has over 200 acres with everything from dining options to a library.  All of it was constructed with sustainable living in mind.

Activities at the Omega Institute are designed to help awaken your spirit and educate you about the world.  They are most well-known for the yoga hosted on-site.  You can also find a sustainable living education center on the property if you are interested in how you can become self-sustaining.

These are just three of the places that you will find when mapping ecotourism.  There are many more destinations that support sustainable living, ecotourism, and green traveling around the United States and more are popping up every year.

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