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How BMW is Using HERE Location Platform for Digital Driving Services

HERE Mapping Resources here mapping platformThe wheel is supposed to be the biggest invention of humankind. After its invention, new machines and vehicles were invented to reduce the distances between two places. The car is the most used personal mode of transportation in daily life and BMW is one of the biggest names in the auto industry.

BMW is renowned for its style, class, elegance and quality. Furthermore, BMW is also acknowledged for its innovation and comfort. BMW, as expected, has taken a step ahead in this modern world of technology by using the HERE Location Platform.

The HERE Location Platform works in quite an efficient way by allowing a navigating device be connected to the public internet sources in cities.  The information gathered allows the system to update information being displayed in real time. The information can collaborate with other drivers for better results in traffic information.  Eventually, autonomous driving will depend on this type of this real-time data source.

A driver can use HERE location platform for various purposes. First, this system can be integrated with the GPS system to locate the path to your destination. Next, this technology can be used to understand the apparent condition of your car to determine whether it’s mechanically safe to travel. Furthermore, this device is also connected to your smartphone to give you information about the location of your car when you are away from it. Another beautiful aspect of this technology is that it will not let you forget your important meetings and events. Since the system is connected to your smartphone and social media, it will keep updating your schedule.

Suppose, you’re traveling to a city very far from your home, this smart system will get the weather updates from the internet about that town and can inform you about the precautions to be taken. It can also provide you the information about the traffic conditions. HERE location platform is also capable of giving you the contact details of different emergency services nearby.

There are many benefits which one can enjoy using this technology connected to the Internet. The HERE location platform technology has laid down the foundation for comfortable and tension-free driving experiences.

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