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Business Mapping Solutions: Parcel Boundaries

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Are you seeking to get a better idea of the areas in which you are trying to do business or the communities where you are looking to open your business? A parcel boundary mapping system is the perfect way to visualize the neighborhoods and communities in which you are investigating opportunities.

The Benefits of Parcel Boundaries

Using parcel boundaries, you can identify property locations and spatial analysis, as well as determine the risks of flooding or other hazards to properly vet the costs of insurance. Parcel boundaries allow you to geo-fence when service vehicles are on-site, and determine which customers are in the area where location-based messaging is available. These up-to-date maps also provide the availability to judge the damage done by large-scale weather events like hurricanes, flooding, or fires.

What Content is Included?

There is a list of property information. The available data for every property includes:

  • how many units are at an address
  • if there are rental properties on-site
  • the mailing address versus the street address
  • the city, state, and zip code

The majority of the content is from the U. S. Census Bureau, as well as, the local tax assessor’s offices. Since some counties are more prohibitive with the information they choose to share those counties are without the parcel boundary polygons. In these areas, the Centroid, or center of the parcel, is used as an adequate location.

Features of Parcel Boundaries

Parcel boundaries are best defined by the information they deliver based on the most accurate figures from the U.S. Census Bureau and the local tax assessor’s office. This data will provide all you need as it pertains to demographic make-up and tax base of an area. This information includes a wide variety of information on the properties that make up the boundary as well as a full list of the addresses that make up your outlined area. This information is updated quarterly.

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