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Location Data

4 Step Process to a Self-Healing Map

HERE Mapping Resource location data solutionThe latest research in Highly Automated Driving (HAD) has resulted in the introduction of autonomous vehicles without human drivers. These cars will make use of the innovative HD Live self-healing mapping technology to provide location data solution.

The name HD Live map has two significant elements in it. The HD signifies that mapping is highly precise, much more accurate, as well as more detailed than current mapping. The Live portion means that it is a live system that updates itself in the near-real time. These two components have combined to provide highly advanced, precise and present real-time location data solution based on self-healing map technology.

The advanced technology of self-healing maps enables autonomous vehicle driving through its quick and reliable system. It provides vehicles with up-to-date and trustworthy data which is highly critical for making safe and proactive driving judgments.

The self-healing process of these highly sensitive HD Live maps comprises four stages:

Observation or data collection. The intelligent vehicles equipped with super sensitive sensors like radars and cameras grab the data while driving on the roads and transmit to the HERE cloud database. This collected data includes even the minute details such as barriers, lane closures, road signs, etc.

Aggregation or fusion of data. There are many types of vehicles that have sensors at various places that travel on multiple paths on the road. They perceive and gather information differently. This process results in creating a multitude of observations with slight changes. The machine learning technology of HERE collects these observations and combines them to give one precise feature.

Creating intelligent updates. The highly sophisticated algorithms used in location data solution takes into account different variables like numerous input sources for creating innovative features and for updating the HD live maps.

Publishing or updating the users. Once the latest feature makes its way to the HD Live Map data, it is issued to all the nearby related vehicles in real-time.

This dissemination of information results in providing the autonomous vehicles with the most advanced and reliable set of location data solutions necessary for making autonomous driving safe and efficient. It enables the cars to make correct driving decisions ensuring the safety of the passengers and products it is transporting. The technology stays accurate and trustworthy on a global scale due to its cloud integration backup.

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Location Data Make for Better Field Service Management

HERE Mapping Resources location data managementThere are many types of field service organizations which provide the technical services to their customers. Some organizations firmly comply with the client’s expectation and provide them with timely solutions while others may fall short. They may think that it is not a big deal to have a few delays in providing the services. However; they fail to understand that these short delays can cause a loss of hundreds of dollars for their client’s business.

The service industry is now attempting to use smart solutions to provide better and faster service to their customers. These solutions help them improve the speed as well as the quality of the delivery of their services. It helps them to complete more jobs each day with the lowest operational costs.

When big location data is integrated into the industry of field service management, it has shown remarkable improvements in the delivery of services. According to one study, the integration of GPS into the field service operations has positive effects. It not only placed a direct influence on raising the bottom line of the companies but also improved certain functionalities which operators were expecting from the scheduling companies of field service management. Some of these functionalities included tracking of mobile workers enroute to a job and getting automated messages about the updated arrival times of the employees.

Location data management systems provide robust location based platforms that offer access to accurate maps, geocoding, traffic, streets, places, and augmented visualization for the integration of great location based services. It can be successfully incorporated for improving the field service management.

There are many benefits of the location data management. It helps in increasing the productivity of the technicians and workers. It reduces operational costs by providing the information about fuel as well as toll cost. It also assists in improving customer service by calculating, monitoring, and dynamically communicating accurate ETAs that are based on the information about roads and geofences. For this, it used, Real-time and projected traffic conditions for meeting SLAs.

Location data management helps to empower and build comprehensive field solutions that offers the field technicians a multi-modal routing system along with voice based navigation, augmented reality, access to the traffic and weather predictions while providing assimilation with the back-end ERP systems.

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