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How Companies Use Location Services

HERE Mapping Resources location based apiOver 700 million phones around the world are classified as location-enabled devices that use GPS to find the location of the user.  It isn’t hard to believe that as soon as location-enabled services appeared on phones that companies started to use them.  But how are these services leveraged to help businesses?

Allowing Users To Check In

One of the great things about location services is it has become a social media feature.  People can check in at locations and show their friends where they are able to show the businesses that they patronize.  Making sure your business is on location based social media such as Facebook, FourSquare, and more.

Allowing users to check in isn’t enough in most cases you will need to encourage them.  Some stores have occasional discounts for users who check in.  Others will have small signs that encourage people to check in and share their experience.  The word of a friend to other friends via checking in carries a lot of weight to their friends.

Location Based Advertising

You can tailor your advertisements to people located around your business.  This allows you to save money but at the same time be more effective with your advertisements.  People who see businesses and deals around them are far more likely to take the offer.  Some advertising platforms report over triple the impressions for location based advertising over other options.

Location Aware Apps

Apps like Facebook, Groupon, and Yelp have location enabled features so that if you are near a location you can receive special notifications.  This includes the ability for businesses to send tailored notifications for ratings, information, deals, and more.  Client engagement is more than just looking at advertisements.

Tailored Search Results

A majority of searches on Google and other search engines have been found to have a local intent.  That means that people are looking for stores, locations, or products nearby them.  Leveraging this means that you can have your business show up in those results.  Having other information besides just your business name show up in localized results is important.  Customers want to be able to see “Click To Call”, hours of operation, location, ratings, and more.

If you aren’t already, you should look into using location based services for your business.  It increases both impression and traffic.  Not only that, it can leave customers more satisfied.  The ability to see localized information reduces the amount of work one has to do and that always makes people happy.

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