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The Connected Driver: Disrupting the Automotive Industry

HERE Mapping Resources map dataThe trends of technology in the automotive industry have revolutionized the way the industry players respond to all the various consumer behaviors. It drives transformational change and develops partnerships effectively.

Automobile drivers are used to the smart technology installed in their vehicles which have provided them with easy to access information. Map data has helped drivers navigate many things happening on the roads. They have learned shortcuts and have determined the most accessible routes to reach destinations.

HERE Mapping Resources has made it easy for the automotive industry to stay connected to the updated, accurate maps and keep drivers safe on the roads. Today’s economy is dramatically dynamic, triggered by development in rising markets, the accelerated rise of latest technologies, property policies, and changing client preferences. Digitization, increasing automation, and new business models have revolutionized different industries, and the automotive industry is no exception. These forces give rise to four technology-driven trends within the automotive sector: various quality, autonomous driving, electrification, and property.

Most business players and consultants agree that the four tech trends can reinforce and accelerate each other, thus making the automotive business ripe for disruption. Given the widespread understanding that game-changing disruption is already on the horizon, there’s still no integrated perspective on, however, the industry can look in ten to fifteen years as a result of these trends.

There are eight critical views on the “2030 automotive revolution” geared toward providing situations that could reasonably be expected to change, and the way they’ll affect vehicle makers and suppliers, potential new players, regulators, consumers, markets, and, therefore, the automotive price chain.

This study aims to create the upcoming changes tangible and to be able to forecast the first probable assumptions across all four trends. There is no guarantee these trends will happen, however, it provides businesses a higher certainty of potential disruption.

Apart from disruption by connected smart technology, actual driving may be disrupted as well. In situations like these, HERE mapping resources have provided the users with the map data to give the drivers the best road choices.

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