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DOT Improved Reliability and Connectivity of Transportation Systems

HERE Mapping Resources HERE dataThe transportation system of a town or city plays a vital role to the residents by fulfilling duties of safety and responsibility. The best thing about automation facilitated by science to human beings is that it provides mobility, environmental benefits, and energy along with providing safety to the people who use the transportation system.

What could a transportation system possibly give to the people?  These are the benefits:

  • Multi-modal connectivity
  • Improved mobility
  • Reduced travel times
  • Better time travel reliability
  • Crash avoidance
  • Lesser energy consumption
  • Reduced vehicle emissions
  • Improved accessibility and efficiency

All these things matter to the common man. These are especially beneficial for the senior citizens of an area. Improving the mobility for the citizens is a matter of concern, and HERE data is giving all it can to the road network for a growing population.

HERE data has been implemented across various DOT functions and has resulted in something very fruitful for the citizens. Translating the data projects for the citizens so that it can benefit them as the primary goal.

Below is what it has done to improve the connectivity and the reliability of the transportation system with the help of HERE data:

Capital Project Prioritization

This item is the process of creating a transportation improvement plan for the entire state. In this, the state must catalog on how they are utilizing the funds. HERE traffic data is being integrated with the linear referencing system of NCDOT which is going to increase the investment return for the speed data. HERE is helping the data in the mapping system of DOT.

Jamming Management

With the help of HERE traffic, DOT has been performing project evaluations of before and after the time of using the mapping services. The post-incident jamming scans get information on the impacts of incidents on the traffic flow and to quantify and visualize these impacts as well. Monitoring the travel times on the routes does the major work as it ensures the traffic get diverted around the crowded roads.

Signal Timing Projects

To operate the traffic signals better than before and to save money and time for the drivers, HERE data’s real-time traffic data analyzing signal system is being operated to keep traffic moving smoothly with less frequent stops.

For more information on how HERE data and how it is used in DOT systems contact HERE Mapping Resources at 888-848-4436.