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Geography Powers Decision Making

HERE Mapping Resources digital mappingGeography was never a favorite subject of anyone or maybe it was, but only the minority loved it. However, it is not astonishing that the world of geography has evolved immensely over time. The studying of maps and getting the perfect locations, was never as easy as it is now. Well, thanks to technology, the innovation of digital mapping has made geography lovable and amazing to study as well.

The speed with which our world has revolutionized, we simply cannot deny the importance of proper location data. It is one of the best ways to improve relations between various industries and bring in diversity to different fields as well.

The importance of location has been magnified by the prolific utilization of smartphones. We use location in everything from our smartphones and finding the nearest coffee shop, to the collection of statistical information on who’s going through station turnstiles with pre-payment, debit or credit cards.

Geography powers a vast amount of business decision-making; whether the issue at hand is the location of a new public facility or the development of a stream restoration project, decision makers must consider such geographic matters as location, the relationship between processes at different scales, and the changing character of particular environments and landscapes. We all process information on the basis of what we see which is why location analysis is such an important tool. Geospatial analytics results in prevalent data that can be as simple as numbers in a spreadsheet, but when it’s presented to companies using tools like HERE Data Lens it can be a lot more meaningful.

Kenneth Noland is an American artist and he said:

“Context is the key for me. From context, the understanding of everything comes to me.”

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