HERE Map and Location Data

HERE LogoHERE (formerly NAVTEQ) is the world’s leading map and location service provider, offering the most accurate, up-to-date maps and location data available.  The HERE Platform is a cloud-based, online API built on a solid foundation of automotive-grade, global map content. The robust set of platform services (accessible via APIs and SDKs) enable users to manage the key routing, mapping, geo-fencing and navigational functionality needs of their organizations. HERE offers flexibility and support for today’s organizations that demand innovative location intelligence.

HERE map-making teams create world-class content by analyzing data collected from satellites, GPS data points, a fleet of HERE True vehicles and multiple local field offices. Images, GPS coordinates and LiDAR scans combine to produce highly precise 2D and 3D virtual representations of the real world.

HERE Components:

  • HERE Map Data – a wide range of geospatial data for fleet management, government and logistics applications
  • HERE Location Platform –  easily integrated location functionalities API & SDK suites
  • HERE Postal Content – a full suite of postal code data sets for countries worldwide
  • HERE Census Content – a complete Census Boundary and Census ID data set


– 30+ years experience with community teams updating trillions of data points
– information is fresh, accurate, consistent, and reliable (quarterly, semi-annual and annual update options)
– specially developed attributes serving the world’s leading private, public and defense sectors
– HERE Map Data is found in 4 out of 5 in-car navigation systems in the US, Canada and Europe
– data is available in a variety of popular GIS and enterprise database formats including ODF (Oracle), FGDB (ESRI), Shapefile and SAP.

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