HERE Census Content

HERE Census Content

HERE Census ContentCensus Boundaries and Census IDs for transport and logistics optimization, customer care and business efficiency, urban planning, business intelligence and more.

  • Census Boundaries

♦ Census Boundaries enable Census FIPS codes to be used to join demographic data from secondary providers, and then used for geo-marketing and site selection applications

2 product layers – one with water clipped at various geographies another with water clipped at all geographies – for US and Canada only

U.S. coverage contains various geographies; State, County, Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA), Congressional District (CD) layer, Census Tracts, Census Block Groups and Census Blocks

US supports a demographic dbf file

Mexico supports Census boundaries with demographic data and without

The three Census Bureau geographies that are used in conjunction with demographic data are Census Blocks, Census Block Groups, and Census Tracts

  • Census IDs

♦ A correspondence file between Census Boundaries and the HERE map enabling additional detail in geocoding that can be used for geo-marketing and site selection applications

♦ This product contains Link ID, Link side, five geographic IDs and the corresponding link PVID (a unique identifying number for each street segment):

  • Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA)
  • Minor Civil Division (MCD)
  • Census Tracts
  • Census Block Groups
  • Census Blocks

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