HERE Census Content

HERE Census Content

HERE Census ContentCensus Boundaries and Census IDs for transport and logistics optimization, customer care and business efficiency, urban planning, business intelligence and more.

  • Census Boundaries

♦ Census Boundaries enable Census FIPS codes to be used to join demographics from Census agencies or third-party providers, and then used for geo-marketing and site selection applications

♦ 2 product layers – one with water clipped at various geographies another with water clipped at all geographies – for US and Canada only

♦ U.S. coverage contains various geographies; State, County, Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA), Congressional District (CD) layer, Census Tracts, Census Block Groups and Census Blocks

♦ US supports a demographic dbf file

♦ Mexico supports Census boundaries with demographic data and without

♦ The three Census Bureau geographies that are used in conjunction with demographic data are Census Blocks, Census Block Groups, and Census Tracts

  • Census IDs

♦ A correspondence file between Census Boundaries and the HERE map enabling additional detail in geocoding that can be used for geo-marketing and site selection applications

♦ This product contains Link ID, Link side, five geographic IDs and the corresponding link PVID (a unique identifying number for each street segment):

  • Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA)
  • Minor Civil Division (MCD)
  • Census Tracts
  • Census Block Groups
  • Census Blocks

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