HERE Location Platform

Location Platform

The HERE Platform for Business,  HERE Platform Extensions and HERE Mobile SDKs for Business are a rich set of tools that allow businesses to easily integrate location functionalities into their applications. They deliver accurate data and services that are both relevant and accessible worldwide.

HERE Platform is one of the most full-featured location platforms delivering a broad range of enterprise specific functionalities backed by multi-device compatibility and relevance.

  • Modularly built cloud services allow deployment across multiple screens and operating systems. Flexible and scalable, supporting any customer size and any data traffic in any region.
  • Cloud and on premise hosted services allow users to integrate location data into their solutions without compromising on what’s best for their business.
  • Our exceptional technical customer support program offers dedicated pre-sale and post-sale advice through a customer service hotline. It ensures fast, efficient and successful customer implementation.
  • Reliable Platform Service (APIs) that are designed to support enterprise use cases. These include truck routing, fleet map style, postal-code shapes layer, multi-reverse and batch geocoding, isoline and matrix routing.

HERE Location Platform Features:

  • GeoCoding – global coverage for all 196 countries plus additional territories, reverse geocoding, batch geocoding in  a wide variety of languages.
  • Places – most relevant and flexible search experience, empowering you to find, learn more about, interact with, and go to hundreds of millions of places worldwide, informing critical business decisions based on the geo-location of customers, assets, or events.
  • Traffic – broadest real-time traffic flow and incidents coverage; largest repository of historical speed patterns
  • Directions – reliable route directions for various travel modes incorporating real-time road conditions

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