HERE Traffic

HERE Traffic provides flow and incident data to help create safer and more efficient trips. Modeled from multiple sources, including probe data, roadway sensors and public safety channels, Traffic offers the broadest coverage on the most accurate maps, and deployed in multiple data centers distributed around the world to allow for high availability and low latency.

HERE Traffic services provides the broadest current real-time traffic flow conditions with speed values, as well as the largest repository of historical speed patterns for improved ETAs and more efficient planned routes. Incident data such as accidents, stalled vehicles and road construction enhances the local knowledge while providing additional insights into current road conditions.

Data features include:

  • Traffic Tiles

♦ Real-time flow: color-coded flow with green, yellow, red and black; 3-minute update interval

♦ Historical speed patterns: average speed information for any time of the day, any day of the week

  • Traffic Flow Data

♦ Real-time flow data in XML or JSON format

♦ Speed and congestion information

  • Incidents Layer

♦ Location and event information

♦ Map markers per type of incidents (e.g. accidents, construction, congestion, road closure)

  • Traffic Flow Availability

♦ Traffic flow coverage available through service

♦ Traffic flow information for specified areas

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