HERE Map Data

HERE Map Data is a comprehensive portfolio of automotive-grade map data for efficiently locating, routing, optimizing and analyzing mobile and fixed assets. Organizations use this data for a range of functions including fleet management, transport and logistics optimization, customer care and business efficiency, urban planning, business intelligence and more.

HERE Map Data powers mobile devices, connected devices and enterprise solutions. The content enables accurate demand and delivery planning based on supply chain locations, demographics, traffic, weather and economic activity. Information is fresh, accurate, consistent, and reliable (quarterly, semi-annual and annual update options for users).

Data features include:

  • Maps for more than 190 countries
  • Voice-guided navigation in 118 countries and territories
  • Transit directions in 950+ cities
  • Real-time Traffic services in 44 countries

Content features include:

  • HERE Map Content (formerly NAVStreets) – the most complete street level mapping system available
  • Speed Limits – interactive database enabling efficient route planning and in transit warnings
  • Trucks – enables sophisticated truck navigation as well as routing, dispatch and driver optimization.
  • Point Addressing – logistics display system with exact coordinates for over 300 million delivery locations allowing the highest level of “to the door” accuracy for non-standard addresses
  • Toll Cost – route-based knowledge of toll costs associated with vehicle information, entry/exits points, and more


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