HERE Postal Code Boundaries

HERE Postal Code Boundaries

  • Postal Coding Boundaries – polygon and point representations of postal codes

♦ Enables visual display and data analysis in geo-demographic and geo-marketing activities

♦ Boundary and point representation of the market appropriate postal code value length for HERE® map countries

  • UNITED STATES: HERE Postal Code Boundaries data includes both 3 and 5 digit ZIP Codes for the U.S. featuring files with boundaries and files with point ZIP Codes for each state, DC and Puerto Rico which can be used for geocoding.
  • CANADA: An FSA or forward sortation area is a geographical region where all Canadian postal codes start with the same three characters. FSA Boundaries displays the FSA area as a polygon.
  • WORLDWIDE: Various different countries have differing postal numbering systems and methodologies to implementing postal delivery areas. These are polygon representations of those various delivery areas.

♦ Postal Code is the main boundary level used across the globe for key enterprise/GIS use cases (e.g. sales territory creation, geomarketing, thematic mapping and demographic analysis)

♦ Data is aligned to the HERE® map, and includes features such as the Postal Code type – P.O. Box, Large Organizations, etc.

♦ Polygon alignment is to existing HERE map topology

♦ Available in ESRI Shapefile, FileGeoDatabase (FGDB), and MapInfo TAB file

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