HERE Postal Code Parcels

HERE Postal Code Parcels

A parcel is a land record that defines the boundary of a piece of land. We are partnered with leading global property information providers. This data delivers unique property-level insights that power the global real estate economy. With the right parcel boundary map data, businesses can enhance positional accuracy and depth within all GIS applications and location-based solutions. Parcel boundaries are the basic administrative unit of local government in regards to land and property. Managing ownership and tax records are the primary reason local governments generate these files.

Wide area coverage of parcel data allows for much more accurate geocoding. Parcels are also a good mechanism for disseminating public data. Mapping at the parcel level offers more accurate maps which do a better job of portraying land-based geography. The parcel data can be made available in whatever format you need. As a result, the database has the advantage of greater interoperability among organizations, both government and business.

The parcel data are acquired from at least 4,100 tax mapping authorities, each with disparate format, projection, data model, and highly varied usage/distribution policies. Our providers have built a standard format, structure and projection into which the company has standardized the data. Parcels are checked for accuracy, street alignment, projection, and more.

A team is dedicated to enhancing the Parcel Boundaries product. The team is adding parcel coverage each month and is surveying the market to determine the priority for adding attributes.

Data features include:

  • Actual maps with property boundaries
  • Parcel centroid defined by actual latitude/longitude coordinates
  • APN or tax ID number
  • Property address or SITUS
  • Ownership information

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