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Location and Cellular Data Work Together to Maximize Efficiency

HERE Mapping Resources location and cellular dataHERE is working to make driving safer by using location and cellular data together with traffic and weather data to spot hazards. In many places, such as the stretch of the I-70 that goes through the Colorado Rocky Mountains and Denver, driving conditions are often hazardous. Unexpected or severe weather, road hazards, accidents, and many other things can make driving dangerous if the driver is unaware. Fortunately, HERE has a solution, a Digital Transportation Infrastructure solution to be exact. This program is the first of its kind to be launched in North America.

This program is ambitious. Dubbed the RoadX project, it is currently in its pilot phase and will be initially tested in Colorado, primarily along the I-70. This location was chosen because the I-70 is a heavily traveled highway that also happens to present a host of potential hazards and is, therefore, the perfect setting to test the HERE Digital Transportation Infrastructure (DTI) solution. This test is being done in collaboration with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) in the hopes of making roads, especially busy mountain roads, safer.

The RoadX project works by utilizing vehicle sensors as well as smartphone data. It gathers the information and then synthesizes it with data collected from sources such as traffic management centers, making special note of any hazards. Once a risk is detected, HERE’s DTI solution then sends out an alert, thereby making sure that drivers are aware of the potential danger and are in a position to react accordingly. By utilizing location and cellular data together, HERE can very efficiently collect crucial data that otherwise would take far too long to gather, and potentially save lives in the process. This technology is still in the pilot stage but, provided all goes well; it will start to become much more widespread soon.

This project, HERE and the CDOT are up for the challenge. HERE’s vast array of technology that goes into implementing the RoadX project works to make sure that information is correctly processed and delivered as fast as possible so that the intended recipients of hazard alerts get them almost in real time. By collaborating with the CDOT, HERE can more efficiently access traffic alerts and road hazards that are noted by the department and seamlessly integrate that information with their location and cellular data that is gathered from drivers and devices.

For more information on location and cellular data contact HERE Mapping Resources at 888-848-4436.