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HERE Location Data Helps Lytx Protect Drivers

HERE Mapping Resources here mappingLytx is known for capturing real-time moments on the road, with the aid of HERE mapping. Their signature product DriveCam® safety programs combine video-based coaching with predictive analytics to help you take action before a collision happens. The process is recursive which implies that the company captures these moments and generates reports up to a hundred thousand times per day.

As a risk management company, Lytx relies on the location data provided by HERE to trigger its event recorder for tracking speeds of the vehicles. For instance, if a driving event is taking place at a venue and any driver goes beyond the suggested speed limit, a video capture functionality will be enabled to determine the associated risk.

Lytx Video Services℠ technology transforms your vehicles into mobile, insight-gathering machines with continual-recording on the sides, rear, and cargo area. Side swipes, cargo theft, workers’ compensation claims, and proof of delivery all come into sharp focus.

There are embedded DriveCams® with lenses carved inside and outside to seize moments for about 12 to 20 seconds as soon as a driving event is triggered (i.e., sudden break, steep road with turns, swerve, etc.). Not only that, but this vital piece of information (clip) is wirelessly transmitted to the review center where experts analyze the information. This analyzed clip is sent to the client with custom coaching tips for fine-tuning his or her driving skills.

It should be noted that drivers falling under the protection of Lytx travel approximately one billion miles bi-weekly, which is astonishing to hear at first. But if anyone looks at the diversity of the company, it is pretty understandable as everything ranging from cars to school buses and trucks is being protected.

Here mapping data provides Lytz technology stored data about characteristics of all the roads in North America. This crucial data updates the algorithms of Lytx regarding physical constraints that a driver may face in any given area. Hence, the combination of HERE and Lytx enables all drivers to take another dimension of safety into account and be able to drive safely throughout North America.

When all of this cumulative data is received at the end of Lytx, a thorough assessment of billions of miles initiates (which is now more than 70 billion). The data is gathered from an array of metrics which aid the analysts to work better on identifying correlative behaviors which have led to risks in the past. Since HERE mapping and Lytx offer the most precise and accurate risk prediction, it is one of the most celebrated products regarding safe driving.

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