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Location Economics Creates a Location Ecosystem

HERE Mapping Resources location mapping analyticsIn this modern era where technology has occupied every corner of life, everyone wants to save time and energy to do any task. One of the greatest time-saving means is location intelligence such as map and location data applications. Every smartphone, and most cars, have a navigation system to locate their position and to reach any destination. HERE is one of the greatest and leading location data providers, it’s a cloud-based platform which contains a solid underpinning of global map content.

A missing piece of Location Based Services Industry is a clear understanding of “The big picture”. Every new player wants to be so special and different that they forget the need to be attached to an ecosystem to make the model viable for everyone.

The actual concept of an ecosystem is defined as a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment. Location data analytics includes the necessary information about the site of an area. A location ecosystem is the connection between people and where they are in the world. HERE provide the best services regarding map data, location platforms, postal content and census content.

An ecosystem’s two missions are biophysical (which is associated with ecology, hydrology and natural sciences) and economic (to measure and communicate the values of goods and services).  Geography plays a vital role in the location ecosystem because nature always keeps its processes going;  the air circulates; water runs the downhill etc.  With an entirely different perspective, nature is stable.  We can’t move a lake from its location; clean air cannot be shifted from one city to another.

HERE enables a completely versatile and efficient platform where the scientists can find the key routing, geofencing and another kind of navigational functionalities for their organization or corporation. This flexible platform is specifically established to provide innovative intelligence regarding location ecosystem.

“Geoinformation is the abbreviation for geographic information. Geographic information is created by manipulating geographic (or spatial) data (generally known by the abbreviation geodata) in a computerized system. Systems can include computers and networks, standards and protocols for data use and exchange between users within a range of different applications.” Find more information @ wikipedia

The interaction layer to Location Economics is the social aspect of using geography and economics together.  Many social networking services, i.e. Facebook, allow users to “check in” to a physical place and share their location with their friends. Users can check in to a specific location on a smartphone since it contains GPS to find their current location.

Without Geo-information (listings, phone numbers, reviews..etc), the interaction is impossible and is the heart of location based services.

HERE provides the robust and quality services regarding location provision that helps you to create a productive location ecosystem and develop location based services.