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Location Links Our Reality

HERE Mapping Resources location based service

Maps have changed drastically with ever-improving technology, and companies are collaborating to create a 4-dimensional world of data. Today, location links our reality. Three decades ago, the so-called “road reality” and the whereabouts of roads were paper maps. Today, a paper map is a thing of the past, and digitally driven data and personalized location based services are the reality of every person who owns a smart device.

How Location Links our Reality

Navigation and Physical Data

Mobile devices, with the help of other connected devices, present a broad representation of updated and accurate physical data. It’s not just a representation of global road reality but now includes topology such as information about mountains, rivers, demographics of a place, landmarks, etc. with features like voice-guided navigation and much more.

It includes:

  • The street-level mapping system, with speed limits and efficient route planning data.
  • Navigation according to the mode of transportation.
  • Exact coordinates for millions of places.
  • Toll costs related to various vehicles, their entry/exits points, etc.

Business and Organizational Functionalities

Apart from providing help on basic navigational needs, location data assists in various functionalities for organizations like fleet management, transport, and logistics optimization, etc. Location-based data helps assess profitable areas for a particular business and areas that map out a perfect place for business or a franchise.

Moreover, with all the data available and segregated according to location, a business can make critical decisions customized to the customers, assets, or events of each particular location.

Impact of Location Data on Everyday Life

In a fully connected area, location is the most critical factor in defining your reality.  The connected devices based on a person’s location and destination can then plan out a route for him/her.  If the person needs to buy some things on the way, the smart device can get the goods delivered to a specific place on his route, automatically rent a car for that person, or book a seat on the bus.

Impact of location data doesn’t stop here.  Just imagine a person commuting through public transport, but each person is getting personalized location data, live traffic flow and estimated time to read his destination.

In short, the phenomenon of “for what you are searching, where can you find it and how it comes to you” is all revamped.

HERE is diligently working on converting all the digital location data to useful information.  It is an effort to create a better, more resourceful ‘Location Intelligent Reality’ for the world.

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