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Which Location Platforms are Most Effective

HERE Mapping Resources location platformsLocation-based marketing is gaining popularity among the marketers. It is due to its many advantages and increased effectiveness in attracting customers towards the businesses. The increase in the demand for location-based marketing has made the experts to build technologies which help the firms to attract more and more customers. There are many location platforms available, but the most effective ones are the following;

Beacons: It is one of the pioneer location platforms which have helped the marketers to implement the location-based marketing and advertising campaigns. This technology comprises of the low-energy consuming Bluetooth based hardware devices that are fixed at various locations like shops and broadcast the information to other devices that could receive their signals. Usually, this location platform is used for alerting customers about discounts and offers when they reach the store. These can also be used for delivering unique experiences to the customers.

HERE location-based services: It is the latest in the location-based platforms. This platform provides highly location-centric, advanced and accurate customers location data to the business. It uses the combination of data from various data repositories and combines them on one open location platform. The data received through this service is nearly precise and can be used for promotion and marketing of the business, creating awareness, giving knowledge to the customers and for many other purposes.

WiFi Hotspots: One of the common ways to do marketing is creating Wi-Fi Hotspots. Nowadays, most of the retail stores and shopping places have wi-fi hotspots which can be efficiently utilized for the marketing and promotion of products and services to the customers. These hotspots can also be used for collecting data from the customers such as email addresses, phone numbers, and names. The wi-fi hotspots are easy to create and virtually attach to all kinds of mobile devices, so people are encouraged to connect to it.

Geofencing: this location platform uses the GPS technology to create virtual geographic boundaries. For instance, the business could spot the GPS boundaries of the physical locations and based on these create a mobile app that promptly pinpoints the customers when they enter those geographical boundaries. For GPS, there is no need for any expensive hardware installation.

However, all kinds of location platforms have some limitations. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the platform that suits the budget, requirements, and needs of the businesses.

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