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How Mapping Can Improve Fleet Management

HERE Mapping Resources fleet management

Dealing with commercial vehicle fleet management is growing more challenging. Fleet managers struggle with unstable fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, driver performance and safety, all while being overwhelmed with more regulations. In the meantime, new technology and increasing demand for time-sensitive distributions are forcing fleet managers to up their game.

Success may be with fleet route planning and correct route planning software by HERE.

1.  Route Planning Stops Traffic Delays

Many fleet managers use an outdated algorithm. The problem of estimating how much traffic is on each route is long-standing.  Freeways were developed to divert local street traffic and improve travel time.  Researchers from the Chicago Area Transportation Study (CATS) developed the Bellman–Ford–Moore algorithm for finding shortest paths on networks.  However, the issue the diversion approach didn’t handle was the feedback from the quantity of traffic on links and routes. If a lot of vehicles try to use a road, the road becomes congested and travel time increases.

Cloud technology and GPS positioning by HERE allow fleet managers to view in real-time vehicle locations and traffic conditions. This information prevents delays by routing drivers around traffic problems and selecting the most efficient route for the current traffic conditions. Even during rush hour, drivers can quickly get to their destination at the designated time.

2.  Improve Customer Satisfaction

With such a fast-paced economy, people with busy schedules don’t like to have to spend their time waiting for a service professional to arrive. Without precise route planning, drivers can’t give accurate arrival times.  Using HERE route planning and fleet management software will allow providing customers with more accurate arrival times. This information will enhance customer satisfaction.

3.  Save Money on Fuel

Fuel is one of the most significant expenses, but planning routes efficiently will help lower fuel costs. Planning routes ensure that the drivers are spending less time on the roads, and shortened driving time reduces fuel expenses. Likewise, when traffic is substantial,  a vehicle can burn more fuel by idling in stalled traffic.  Taking the straight route is usually the most fuel-efficient option, and route planning by HERE automatically ensures this.

4.  Improve Safety for Drivers and Fleet

The more time drivers spend on the road, the higher the risk of an accident. Drivers routed through heavy traffic, or problematic construction zones are shown to be more anxious. Planning the routes by HERE mapping avoids these situations making the drivers less stressed and improves the overall protection of the fleet.

If you need help maximizing your fleet routes, request a demo and find out how HERE Mapping Resources can save you time and money.