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Mapping Helps Insurers Manage Risk

HERE Mapping Resources here mappingAccurate mapping has perhaps the most significant impact on the insurance industry.  It not only helps insurers predict and spot high-risk areas but can also save them from fraudulent transactions. This fact has been highlighted in the instances of recent natural catastrophes due to climatic changes. The need for professional mapping services like HERE mapping has never been felt more. HERE mapping is a well-known service and global technology that companies like Pitney Bowes are utilizing as its mapping service to facilitate insurers manage the various risks associated with travel, natural disasters, and climate change.

Components for HERE Mapping

HERE mapping provides superior quality mapping data that helps customers utilize the geo enrichment products to assess different disastrous events like floods or landslides.  The products use the data from HERE company to estimate and manage risks. This data includes:

  • Roadway information
  • Point addresses
  • Places
  • Political boundaries
  • Administrative boundaries

How HERE Mapping Helps Manage Insurance Risk

HERE Mapping provides global mapping content and data to companies all across the world. Comprehensive mapping allows clients access to the demographic data of interests. They can spot high-risk areas and allocate insurance agents accordingly.

Since the mapping data highlights areas that have a history of natural disaster, insurers can scale the damage in case of an emergency.

Mapping plays an essential role in managing different risks whether they are due to population shift or a result of variation in climate. Insurance is a data-driven industry and mapping has just bridged the gap between risk areas and proper insurance coverage. It also equips the companies with tools that help them understand ways to spot fraud and prevent unnecessary complications.

Services from Mapping Companies

The robust set of platform services from HERE enable the customers to manage.

  • Key routing
  • Mapping
  • Geofencing
  • Navigational functionality

Mapping companies like HERE use aerial imagery and spatial data to provide accurate data to model designs that mitigate risks. They use regression analysis techniques to create spatial data. It helps them to pinpoint the hot spots where catastrophic events occurred in the past. Due to advancement in technology, these mapping companies assess the details of the devastated landscapes and estimate the extent of damage zone.

HERE Mapping Company specializes in identifying areas of interest and focus on those areas to provide required data accurately to customers who need accurate assessment in emergency situations.

To learn how your business can benefit from utilizing HERE mapping content, request a demo today from HERE Mapping Resources.