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How Mapping Plays a Part in Smart Cities

HERE Mapping Resources mappingSmart cities concept of what cities of the future will be like; the HERE Mapping Resources provides a sneak-peek into the future offering companies services including primary routing, mapping, geo-fencing and navigational functionality.

HERE Postal Content

Postal coding software as the name suggests deals with postal codes by covering a vast area, creating boundaries and targeting postal codes on specific streets. This information includes postal code parcels which are land records that help real estate economy have a better sense of property on a global scale.

Here Map Data

With maps of more than 190 countries along with voice-guided navigation for 118 of these, transit directions and real traffic services available for 44 countries, Here Map Data is the ultimate tool that can assist organizations in providing high-quality services while maintaining minimized cost.  By developing a precise route keeping in mind the speed limits, traffic, toll costs and accurate weather risk analysis for timely delivery. It can be connected to devices including mobile phones maintaining contact with everyone which allows the organization to better monitor the supply and demand and focus on customer care resulting in business efficiency.

HERE Location Platform

Manufacturing reliable data which is available on a global scale makes HERE Location Platform unique and highly applicable. It serves a variety of business venture tasks like the cloud on on-premise services that cater to the needs of every customer. The customer support program assists with pre- and post-sale advice that is in the best interest of the client.

Features include Geocoder encompassing global coverage on a large scale; connectivity to places and events giving opportunities for the business to grow; reliable route directions with the mode of transport referencing current road conditions.

HERE Traffic is a well-organized database of real-time traffic. The system maps the fastest and safest route regarding traffic flow, highlighting accidents and road construction with map markers.  Color coding real-time traffic flow makes the map more user-friendly, reflecting speed patterns by the day and specific time.

HERE Census Content

Census Content consists of two features that primarily deal with cost-effective transport, business efficiency and urban planning.

Census Boundaries

Permitting usage of demographic data from secondary sources Census Boundaries issues the US and Canada with two-layer products incorporating maps with and without marked shorelines. Mexico supports maps both with and without demographic data.

Census IDs

These IDs form the necessary link between boundaries authorizing secondary geocoding which can be manipulated to design better ways for geo-marketing. This product incorporates five geographic IDs and provides an organized model which assigns numbers for each street division.

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