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How Maps are Integrating into Messaging Apps

HERE Mapping Resources mapping integrationThe HERE Platform is the world’s most prominent map and location platform providing the most accurate, updated maps and locational data. HERE is the cloud-based online application built on the firm basis of global map contexts and allows people to navigate their lives and make sense of the world with original personal maps. HERE transforms information from vehicles, devices, infrastructure and other sources into real-time location services that play a vital part in how people move, live and interact with one another.

HERE has recently decided to launch messaging applications and will soon integrate it with other apps. This new feature makes it possible to get the directions without leaving or logging out Facebook. It just requires the user to guide the app to tell where the destination is. Facebook is a widely used social networking site with millions of  Facebook users.  Keeping in mind the importance and user frequency of Facebook, HERE decided to develop an application that involves Facebook messenger.  A user can now insert an address into Facebook messenger, and the HERE bot will deliver directions. HERE is currently testing the bot to see how people are using it.  Anyone who is a regular user of Facebook will soon see that this will become the fastest way to get from one location to another.

The manufacturer of this new innovative idea is the software engineer named as Dariusz Siedlecki, who explained that the inspiration behind this invention was the time when web interfaces were a lot simpler. Dariusz explained that when using Facebook, all the user needs to do is to open a HERE messenger conversation and ask the bot how to get to any of their points of interests such as pubs, clubs, restaurants, hospitals, cafes, resorts or other destinations. The bot will ask the current location from where the person is standing and then provide a route. It’s even proficient in recalling previous locations and destinations, speeding up the process even further. Messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat and WhatsApp are one of the biggest areas that Dariusz sees potential growth for HERE.

As a business owner, make sure your business is showing on the HERE map.  If you are a retailer or destination type business, review the Points of Interest section in GPS to determine if your business will show up for users to find.  If your business is not, you may submit it to HERE directly using this link

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