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The Next Generation of Traffic Services is Coming from Rich Sensor Data

HERE Mapping Resources rich sensor dataRich Sensor Data is at the heart of the next generation of traffic services.  Rich Sensor Data is collected from vehicles in collaboration with the automobile manufacturers.  Since this information comes from the cars themselves, it is more precise and reliable.  More and more companies are using this traffic information data to power the in-vehicle connected services and related smartphone apps.

Initial Methods of Traffic Data Collection

Initially, traffic services had to rely on roadside sensors and cameras to acquire stats and to perform adequately.  They used induction loops to count the passing vehicles, but it could only gather limited information.  Moreover, it was expensive and needed constant maintenance such as the replacement of broken cameras.

Along with this, some service providers started to gather data from the operators of commercial vehicles.  Commercial vehicles generally have a tracking system, and the service providers use this information to estimate the condition of say, traffic on a particular road.  Thus, if a truck applied brakes abruptly, it could be due to an accident. This data proved pretty useful especially when new data is delivered every few seconds.

Recently, mobile devices came into the picture.  Service providers started acquiring traffic information directly from the mobile devices present in the cars.  This floating car data was not only accurate but was also in large amounts.  It gave a boost to the already collected traffic information, fixed the loops and added more details.

Real-Time Traffic Data via Rich Sensor Data

Rich Sensor Data is the real-time traffic information that comes directly from the vehicles.  This data is rich with information that comes from the probes in the cars.  For instance, if the traffic is slow at some location, a traffic build-up is expected.  The more the probes, the more accurate data will be.

For this reason, HERE gathers data from the probes of different brands of cars.  This way they get precise data that is up to the minute.  It positively impacts the traffic services they provide.  It’s a difficult task to organize and extract information from this data because all companies define it in their preferred way.  However, Rich Sensor Data is the future of traffic services, and an increasing number of businesses and apps are becoming aware of its potential.   At this point, people still rely more on news reports, and other sources of traffic information before planning a long drive. However, when the service providers can offer more accurate details about traffic updates, people will come to have faith in their in-vehicle navigation systems.

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