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Road Speeds Can Speed Up Understanding Traffic Patterns

HERE Mapping Resources location data APIA common app used by people when driving is to find the fastest route to their destination. That includes finding shortcuts and avoiding streets that are congested with cars. Green means light traffic, yellow means average to slightly slow, and red means heavy, bumper-to-bumper traffic. This is quite common on highways and major streets, especially in times of Rush Hour. To study the phenomenon of traffic in certain places, researchers have looked at variables such as time, speed limit, and type of road to determine how traffic patterns work.

Using location data from major places of traffic, researchers can measure traffic flow in intervals from 15 to 30 minutes and up to an hour. Cars drive at various speeds, below, at, and above the speed limit, whether it is 35 MPH, 45 MPH, 55 MPH, or whatever speed is labeled. The listed speed limit advises the maximum a car should go and advises drivers against going over the limit because of traffic laws specified if police captures a car going way over the limit. Another major risk besides being cited for excessive speeding is being involved in accident that could cause you or another person bodily harm, including death.

With location data, GPS systems have been updated and enhanced to create an easier route for drivers going place to place. For example, the Nokia HERE 360 uses a specific calculation to the user to evaluate traffic and give and 3-Dimensional view of the streets to show people the insight of how the traffic is. This would help plan ahead of schedule a driver’s route. There is also the creation of the first autonomous car, following the Intelligent Drive system created by Mercedes-Benz. The Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is ahead of everyone else and now forces competitors to top that.

Currently, the auto industry is experimenting with pushing the boundaries of a driverless car. In Nevada, the world’s first autonomous truck was approved to be on the road: the Freightliner Inspiration. Mercedes-Benz is also investing in trucks with the Future Truck 2025, using the Highway Pilot system. Testing continues to make sure the system can remain safe to use for drivers. Automation is still a long way from being completely safe, but is clearly within reach. HERE is playing a role in this with their real-time data, accuracy, and cloud computing ensure quick and safe transportation.

It goes back to basics to understand road speeds and traffic patterns before we perfect the automatic vehicle that revolutionizes the world. The science is getting such data is crucial to improve safety on the road for now and improve transportation systems in the future. Traffic will always exist, but we still are learning about how time and flow affects everything. It isn’t just about renewable energy like ethanol and electricity. We need to ensure the safety of people driving the roads and have our satellite systems tell us ahead of time what to expect with traffic on the roads.

If your business needs current data on road conditions, HERE Mapping Resources has the data you need with API access.