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The Stories Maps Tell

HERE Mapping Resources mapsMaps communicate to us more than how to get to the nearby restaurant, train station or any other destinations. For different age groups, maps present perceptions into various traditions and cultures, attitudes, and doubts; and provide a superior understanding of the world surrounding us today and also of the past.

What is HERE Story Map?

HERE story maps offer a powerful way to convey several types of stories. HERE maps have established those tools and methods which make it convenient for its users to tell their stories, a set of map-based apps. HERE story maps allow us to build easy web apps that associate smart web maps with text, photos, and other content to tell stories regarding different places.

The need and uniqueness of HERE story maps.

HERE Story Maps allows us to conglomerate influential maps with description, sound, text, images, and multimedia content. They make it easy to connect the strength of maps and geographical location to tell our story. HERE Maps helps people direct their lives and make logic of the world with personal maps. HERE Map Data influences mobile devices, associated devices, and enterprise’s explanations.

HERE map recently introduced the concept of storytelling. The reason behind introducing the concept of HERE story maps is to use these maps in new and advanced methods to make people enthusiastic and involved in the world.

Another major idea is that HERE maps has been comprised of a tool for administration, analysis, decision provision, exhibiting, and situational awareness.

HERE story maps provide comparison between two maps.

HERE story map determines how we can utilize an app that uses a swiping function to overlay the theme of one map onto the subject of a second map. For example, the HERE story map provides a single map of inhabitants of the United States, combining one map that shows the fraction of the population that is overweight, and the other map displays the ratio of people with diabetes.

The story maps HERE has discovered, exhibit the influence of maps for the purpose of storytelling and conveying messages that notify, inspire, and stimulate. By creating story maps with HERE story maps apps, it provides educational, insightful, and simple ways to share our stories, both personally and professionally. Visit to learn more and request a demo.