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Using Map Data to Improve Location-Based Advertising

HERE Mapping Resources location-based mappingSmall businesses all over the world are finding ways to bring more traffic to their websites. Ever since location-based mobile advertising (LBA) was introduced, they are now able to target potential customers within their geographic location with more accuracy. According to, location-based advertising is expected to hit $15 billion by the year 2018. If you want to use LBA to bring leads for your business, here are three elements on which to focus.

  • Accurate location data of your target audience
  • In-depth knowledge of the behavior of your consumer
  • Compelling creatives

In the competitive advertising world of today, without an accurate and complete dataset representation of the real world, it is difficult to apply data science in real time. HERE can help you in creating compelling campaigns using map data. Whether you want to understand your consumers, improve segmentation and targeting, or boost the effectiveness of your campaign, you can optimize the region of interest (ROI). HERE uses geometry-based location data for enhancing media buys and optimizing your spending.

Location-based data for advertising is precious, but only 74 percent of the marketers think the data available at hand is accurate. With LBA, you can vary your marketing message by where your target audience is located. You can tailor your message by weather, retail locations, transport routes, etc. Once you know where your customers are and how they behave, you can tap into their behavior for encouraging them to opt for your offers. Since it is a personal form of advertising, you must make sure the results you get from map data is accurate.

Location-based advertising is a little bit complex. You will need specific parameters and use information for productively reaching the target groups. One of the techniques used is hyper-contextual targeting. It uses data in a meaningful way to offer an exceptional experience to the target group. This technique uses local data for delivering contextual messages to the audience and for driving purchase intent. Then there is geo-aware targeting. It has been around for a while and uses real-time location data which is supplied by mobile providers to display mobile ads to customers who are close to the location you want to target. Long story short, the more accurate data you have, the more effective your advertising technique will be.

If you are interested in running location-based advertising, we can help with data. Contact us for a quote.

Location Intelligence Enhances Business Insights

HERE Mapping Resources location intelligenceBig data has been playing a significant role in improving business in nearly every industry. It is everywhere, and the amount of produced data is increasing day by day. One of the essential components of data collection is location data and the ways to leverage it is location intelligence.

What is meant by location intelligence?

Location Intelligence is the outcome of the raw data that is created through a smartphone, online platforms, roaming data, applications, GPS and the latest ‘internet of things’. It gives insights and helps in developing actionable strategies.

No doubt, location intelligence is proving a necessary asset for the companies who are looking for the competitive edge in their respective industry. By leveraging location data, the organizations can make better decisions, optimize their operations and improve their overall performance.

How location intelligence is benefitting various sectors

Marketing and sales: The use of location intelligence in marketing and sales help businesses to have a more comprehensive picture of their customers. It helps gives an in-depth understanding of their customers, their behaviors and habits. This information enables an unprecedented level of accuracy of their target audience giving a higher conversion rate, a reduction in costs and helps save money.

Selection of site: Through location intelligence, businesses can choose the perfect place to open their business. It helps by identification of area demographics, population size, transport accessibility, available public services and forecasting about the future developments in the area.

Logistics and supply chain: The field of transport planning, the use of location data not just help in designing the optimum route for the supply chains but also in analyzing the risks that could disrupt deliveries. Through monitoring of location data, it is possible to avoid potential problems that occur in routes such as traffic jams, roadworks, accidents, etc.

Retail business: By assessing the departmental store or shop performance, it is possible to understand the behavior of customers and the products to which they are drawn. It helps in improving the sales and marketing strategy to boost sales. Even better is the use of the application on smartphones to detect potential customers in particular areas and send them personalized text and email messages about their favorite products.

Government and health departments: The use of location intelligence is not limited to the private sector. The government entities and departments can also take advantage of it to improve the state of towns, cities, and citizens as a whole.

For more information on location intelligence contact HERE Mapping Resources at 888-848-4436.

Opportunities In Location Intelligence

HERE Mapping Resources location intelligenceNowadays, Location-Based Services are becoming a big part of everyday lives with nearly half of the global population using the internet today. Location is considered as one of the most prominent features in the online media broadcasting, advertising, and mobile apps industries. Businesses are providing customized services based on consumer’s online behaviors, and this behavior helps to provide more relevant services located around consumers.

Based on predictive models aided by location intelligence, location is used widely by advertisers in targeting relevant ads to consumers. Now, it’s possible for the advertisers to measure the impact of their targeted ads. The business models of location intelligence are playing a significant role in bringing together the new dimension of big data analytics, automation, Internet of Things, machine learning and geospatial industry. The Geospatial industry is the definitive way to drive the money using Location intelligence.

Location intelligence is not just about a map of dots but a full-fledged analytical system. The geographic information systems are specialized to store and manipulate spatial data in various ways.

In the Business Intelligence world, business metrics on maps help in converging location with business intelligence. Similar to other types of visualization, maps work in the same way for bringing useful data of users and identification of the critical trends and issues presented in various dashboards as well as reports. Location intelligence experts are trying to define the business ecosystem that has interconnected economic influences on the economic climate, culture, education, lifestyle, cost of living, labor, crime, and healthcare. Platforms of location intelligence are encapsulating the latest technologies to analyze relevant data sources and use it to power a data-driven product or provide it as data-as-a-service.

Location intelligence works in a far better way as compared to geographic displays because the spatial models of location intelligence connect data on a three-dimensional surface. For example, Business Intelligence users can use maps to analyze demographics of clientele, who are shopping in a store, based on the buying habits. They can get an idea if the buying habits of consumers have changed with the passage of time.

The retailers can analyze in-store customer shopping behavior by using RFID, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons paired with a mobile loyalty app. It’s a great way of optimizing store inventory or layout of the store. Ordering and management of queues for customer’s services can be improved to a greater extent with location data analysis technique.

To learn more about how HERE Mapping Resources can help with location intelligence, contact us.

Location Links Our Reality

HERE Mapping Resources location based service

Maps have changed drastically with ever-improving technology, and companies are collaborating to create a 4-dimensional world of data. Today, location links our reality. Three decades ago, the so-called “road reality” and the whereabouts of roads were paper maps. Today, a paper map is a thing of the past, and digitally driven data and personalized location based services are the reality of every person who owns a smart device.

How Location Links our Reality

Navigation and Physical Data

Mobile devices, with the help of other connected devices, present a broad representation of updated and accurate physical data. It’s not just a representation of global road reality but now includes topology such as information about mountains, rivers, demographics of a place, landmarks, etc. with features like voice-guided navigation and much more.

It includes:

  • The street-level mapping system, with speed limits and efficient route planning data.
  • Navigation according to the mode of transportation.
  • Exact coordinates for millions of places.
  • Toll costs related to various vehicles, their entry/exits points, etc.

Business and Organizational Functionalities

Apart from providing help on basic navigational needs, location data assists in various functionalities for organizations like fleet management, transport, and logistics optimization, etc. Location-based data helps assess profitable areas for a particular business and areas that map out a perfect place for business or a franchise.

Moreover, with all the data available and segregated according to location, a business can make critical decisions customized to the customers, assets, or events of each particular location.

Impact of Location Data on Everyday Life

In a fully connected area, location is the most critical factor in defining your reality.  The connected devices based on a person’s location and destination can then plan out a route for him/her.  If the person needs to buy some things on the way, the smart device can get the goods delivered to a specific place on his route, automatically rent a car for that person, or book a seat on the bus.

Impact of location data doesn’t stop here.  Just imagine a person commuting through public transport, but each person is getting personalized location data, live traffic flow and estimated time to read his destination.

In short, the phenomenon of “for what you are searching, where can you find it and how it comes to you” is all revamped.

HERE is diligently working on converting all the digital location data to useful information.  It is an effort to create a better, more resourceful ‘Location Intelligent Reality’ for the world.

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