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Top Benefits for Businesses Using Maps

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Map apps are becoming favorites for both customers and businesses. Realizing this fact, Google has spent additional time refining Google Maps – more than any of their other apps. The days of only using maps for directions are long gone; map apps help users find things to do, exciting landmarks, and local businesses. Businesses are missing out if they aren’t utilizing maps in their marketing plans.

Make Your Business Easier To Find

While the physical location of your business is essential to customers, knowing your business even exists is critical. Your customers might search by your company’s name or by manually entering your address into their map app. If they already know your business, you’re doing something right!

What about people who may not know about your company? More people are using mobile apps to find particular kinds of businesses near them. For example, someone might search for “restaurants” or “bookstores.” If your business isn’t utilizing maps, customers won’t find you and will spend their money somewhere else.

Using maps will also help your business be found in regular Google searches. Proximity-based searches are popular, but we haven’t stopped using the search bar. Taking advantage of maps will help your business’ ranking, helping it appear closer to the top of search results.

Increase Word of Mouth

Nothing beats positive customer reviews to bolster sales. Potential customers love seeing true testimonies from other real people. When a maps application pulls up your business, it also gives users access to your reviews.

Of course, getting reviews of your business from happy customers can be difficult. People don’t often need prodding to complain. Make an effort to get your customers to share their positive reviews. Reviews can also help your business appear higher in general searches.

Additionally, by being proactive in garnering positive reviews, your business may be insulated when negative reviews naturally happen. It’s psychologically more natural for people to discount negative reviews when a company has so many positive ones.


As a business owner, you want to make it as easy for people to find your shop as possible. Whether they are using their phones to find the nearest place to spend money or simply researching options in the area, you need to be seen. Using maps helps your brand raise awareness of your physical location as well as your placement in Google searches.

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