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Traffic Modeling Using HERE Map Data

HERE Mapping Resources map dataMaps are always evolving, as our definitions of location and mobility change. Now customers have recognized that it is a complex task to build living maps as the real world changes up to 25 percent each year.

It was in the mid-1900s that transportation authorities also started to examine road networks on a system-wide scale. Soon, engineers and policy makers understood that future decisions related to road construction had to be in the context of the effects they would have on the whole road network. For instance, the impact of the movements of vehicles due to a new segment on adjacent roads.

What is HERE?

The detailed traffic modeling is a very complex task that requires experts to forecast a road network’s ability to balance the number of individuals traveling specific routes at a particular timeframe and the capacity of transportation infrastructure across all means.

However, this traditional method of traffic modeling is not only a very costly process but also requires a lot of time. Due to these reasons, more and more people have realized the importance of having a smarter traffic modeling system, and this is how the HERE Map Data was launched. This fantastic map data offers an economical as well as a more efficient means to measure traffic.

Benefits of HERE

The app is helpful in collecting massive amounts of anonymized probe data that is around 80 billion each month from vehicles. Probes refer to small samples of car journeys. The information aids in the identification of what occurred on a trip, instead of who was in the car. Thus, this data provides an accurate view of the entire trip that can be used in building a traffic model.  Moreover, aggregated historical information is amassed; thus trends over this period can be easily identified for more future proofing and also for high-level modeling.

The best thing about traffic modeling is that it is not just useful for transportation agencies, but everyday drivers, as well as businesses with fleets, can benefit from this.   For instance, Trip Data can help retailers in learning the type of traffic that passes by a billboard at a particular time, which aids ad campaign performance.

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